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"Redefining Capital Investment: A Steady Hand in an Unsteady Time" - Offshore Technology Conference 2018

A prolonged low oil price environment tests an organization’s resiliency as historical project performance data points to consistent overruns on both cost and delivery. In this presentation we explore next generation opportunity management framework designed to synchronize risk, strategy, and capital decision modeling to ultimately give better visibility of future performance of capital investment opportunities.
When: Mon April 30
Where: Room 610 at OTC 2018 Conference - NRG Park - Houston TX


9th Advanced Project Management for Oil & Gas Industry - Official Speaker

Surviving the Downturn - Risks, unknown unknowns and other drivers of competitive advantage for a project driven organizations.

Presenting results of research from Risk & Change Management, EY and HBS.

When: Tue March 28 - Wed March 29


The Oil Club (NOMADs) - Mar 2016 - Official Speaker

This is a strategic analysis of the impact of the sharp decline in 2015 crude oil pricing and industry impact over the next 3 years. We explore profitability drivers, project portfolio risks, and the impact of an extended low price environment on a company's ability to remain profitable. The analysis covers 2016, 2017, and 2018.

When: Tue March 8

PMI Global Congress 2016 North America (Project Management Institute) - Official Speaker

Our aim is understand the link between advanced risk management and corporate competitiveness. The presenter unveils the thought processes that drive effective decision analytics and how micro decision models within projects can collectively shape the profitability of a portfolio and ultimately tie to the company’s bottom line. (This session is intended for audiences with no modeling experience.)

Presentation based on publication of research on:
"Risk, Strategy, and Corporate Competitiveness" - Waleed Abughazaleh

When: Sun September 25 - Tue September 27


North Harris Desk & Derrick Club - Jun 2015 - Official Speaker

Presentation based on publication: "In Control, Advanced Risk Implementation and Financial Predictability"

When: Mon June 29
Where: Houston, Texas

Society of Petroleum Resources Economists & PRMIA- Dec 2015 - Official Speaker

"Capital Call - Part One."

When: Thu December 3
Where: Houston, TX


Speakership engagments prior to 2015 are archived

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